3D Scanning American History and landmarks

America is abundant with historical sites and landmarks. Some well known and others that are not as mainstream, but each important in understanding and remembering the history of America. We certainly think one of the best ways to commemorate the journey to this point is 3D scanning American History and landmarks.


The Sydney Opera House has recently been unveiled as the latest global landmark to feature in a pioneering Scottish cultural project which involves using lasers to scan iconic locations, including five Scottish World Heritage sites. That got us thinking. What are some of the most important cultural and historical landmarks in America? The Scottish Ten project already includes Mount Rushmore in the US but we can see plenty of examples that will have to be left out. What about the Hoover Dam, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even natural wonders like Natural Tunnel – a massive cave formed by groundwater containing carbonic acid that slowly dissolved limestone and bedrock creating a tunnel that is so large it is used as a railroad tunnel in Virginia.

Making a 3D scanning America project

Some of this history and a few of our landmarks have been scanned by different companies but we think it would be a worthwhile endeavor to have a project that focuses on America like the Scottish Ten 3D scanning project is documenting Scotland’s five World Heritage Sites and five international ones. Using a laser being fired millions of times a second at the buildings and monuments produces a very accurate 3D model of how these monuments stand today and it could also save money in any future rehabilitation or preservation projects. Just look at Spar Point Group’s article on how laser scanning could’ve saved the Rose Bowl about $6 million.