calls out API’s innovative Scanning technology

img_1351-300x225API has put a unique infrared based structured light scanner into an integrated cell, stressing integration over the benefits of the nifty new sensor.

Two factors that limit white light or fringe projection systems are reflective surfaces and the noise introduced from ambient light. Most such systems now use a blue light projector to help with ambient light, but reflectivity remains at times troublesome. For critical applications, users need to spray a coating on the part to reduce reflections. To solve this problem, Automated Precision Inc. (API)

uses infrared projectors and cameras. The longer wavelength means surfaces are less reflective than in visible light and ambient light is minimized. The API RapidScan system is the first IR metrology scanner I have seen. It produces in the “single millions of points per second to 50 µm of accuracy under most conditions,” according to Eric Nemitz, director of new business for the company that I spoke to in the booth.

While the sensing technology was interesting, even groundbreaking to a degree, Nemitz was quick to point out the RapidScan sensor was only part of the value to the customer. The total Smart Factory Inspection System (SFIS) they offer also includes an API Radian laser tracker that guides a robot mounting the RapidScan, using an array of targets fitted over the scanner. “It is all about Integration,” said Nemitz.

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