API Services Hosts Open House for New Building

March 6, 2017

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – Automated Precision Inc. Services Division answered the strong demand to expand its footprint by purchasing and moving into a new building in Oyster Point’s City Center. The new facility is located at 750 City Center Blvd. Newport News, VA 23606, and boasts 14,000 square feet of office and calibration laboratory space.

Calibrations for API Laser Trackers were routinely performed at the Newport News facility since 2012, but with the newer Omnitrac 2 laser tracker models increasing demand, additional capacity was required to service these advanced measurement instruments with continued excellent service. The capacity of the old facility did not allow for concurrent contract metrology and product testing in parallel to the laser tracker calibration and repair activities.

As an additional benefit, API now has room for its expanding team. API maintains a complete business staff including sales, marketing and administrative personnel, and has been recruiting additional Application Engineers to better support our Service customers.

Besides Laser Tracker Calibration and Repair services in the new facility, API will also offer customer training, contract measurement services, laser scanning and modeling, as well as robot performance testing. API provides calibration of customer’s multi-axis CNC machines and offsite process using API’s volumetric error compensation (VEC) methodology.

Join us for Automated Precision’s open house on April 6th. The open house will be filled with demos, speakers, mock training sessions, networking opportunities, prizes, and much more! Register here: