API steers the automotive industry in the right direction at SEMA 2014

API has worked with So-Cal Speed ShopSEMA GarageFantomWorks, and many other automotive customers to complete their precision measurement projects including laser scanning cars.


API is a metrology services company that provides unmatched precision measurement services & precision scanning services. API is a subsidiary of Automated Precision Inc. Automated Precision Inc. is a world leader in advanced measurement solutions. Founded by Dr. Kam Lau in 1987, API leads the metrology industry through innovation and higher standards of accuracy. API products are used by the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. In the years since, API has refined tracking technology, building models that offered greater precision and portability. API has also developed products for machine tool calibration and other manufacturing processes. API has grown steadily over the years and today is a thriving global company with a presence in Europe, India, China and South America. API provides contact and non-contact dimensional measurement systems and services for the automotive industry, like laser scanning cars, allowing for innovative and efficient production, data collections, and reverse engineering services. API has the following offerings for the automotive industry:

• 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

• 3D Printing

• Equipment Rental

• Contract Measurement Services

• Precision Alignment and Inspection

• Carbon Fiber Scanning

• Design to Manufacturability

• Large Parts/Components Scanning (such as checking tools and mold plugs)

• Analysis Capabilities Such as Feature Analysis, Tool Wear, Part Deviation Scenarios, Flush and Gap

API worked with SoCal Speed Shop and SEMA Garage to laser scan ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons ’33 Ford three-window coupe. The jagged accent line is currently painted on the car, but the So-Cal designers planned on making a 3D piece from the scan of the rock legend’s ’33 Ford Coupe. API project engineer Robb Rudluff stepped in and scanned the coupe. Robb used the API IMAGER Scanner and Radian Laser Tracker to scan the vehicle. “The IMAGER working with the Radian made scanning the car a quick and easy process,” Rudluff said. “For custom autos, it can be a handy reverse engineering solution that can help pros and hobbyists easily mock up parts.” The data collected by the IMAGER was processed though 3D Systems software to create a CAD file that showed the curvature of the car and the exact shape of the trim design. The CAD file will allow for easy fabrication of the 3D trim piece.