3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning Services

API Services is proud to provide a variety of vivid 3D laser scanning solutions designed to suit virtually any customer need. Let API Services handle your company’s needs for speed, quality, and efficiency, by applying cutting-edge technology and methods to existing products and workflows.

3D Scanning Applications

API Services is pleased to offer scanning solutions for:

Reverse Engineering

reverse engineering

Accurate transformation of prototypes and shop floor parts into CAD data that reflects actual conditions or the design intent.

3D Scan to CAD

3D scan to CAD

We specialize in converting 3D laser scans into CAD models.

3D Printing Preparation

laser scan to 3d printing

We can 3D scan your prototype and provide a 3D printable CAD file.

3D BIM Construction

3D BIM construction

Our 3D BIM Construction services will help plan, design, and construct buildings and infrastructure.

laser tracker 3d scan

Tracker Aligned 3D Scanning

We ensure your 3D Laser Scanning project produces the most accurate 2D/3D output. We utilize our laser trackers to align the hemispherical scanner to ensure the upmost precision. Recently, we were able to preserve this historic monument using this 3D scanning procedure. As a result, this 3D CAD file of this monument will be preserved forever.

3D Measurement Services

When 3D laser scanning was initially introduced to the AEC marketplace, traditional survey and point cloud registration methods were accepted as adequate for the time. With today’s laser scanning projects increasing in complexity and detail, it’s more critical than ever that all measurements produced are correct and trusted. Today’s needs require an answer beyond current traditional methods, we need accurate 3D laser scanning. You can rely on API Services to fulfill your scanning equipment purchase, rental, leasing, and training needs.

  • High Definition Scanning/Surveying
  • Scanning Equipment Rental
  • Qualified Labor
  • Instrument Repair and Calibration
  • Application Consulting
  • Software Customization
  • Training
  • Design and As-Built CAD modeling

Laser Scanning Surveying Process

Our 3D Laser scanning surveying process has been refined over the years by our expert staff. Our process can be utilized for complex projects in a variety of industries.




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