Machine and roller alignment is one of the most common and critical components of maintenance and quality control within a production shop. API offers a range of tools and services to align your parts to within tens of micrometers over distances greater than 50 meters.

The API Radian laser tracker has aligned a massive dryer kiln for a DuPont chemical plant. The API XD Laser keeps complex CNC machines aligned for a smooth production run. API service engineers have aligned massive roller machinery in pulp and paper mills, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime.

Alignment applications are critical in:

  • High tolerance production
  • Facilities and conveyor layout
  • Roller alignment/paper mills
  • Automotive manufacturing and inspection
  • Aerospace manufacturing and inspection
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing and inspection
  • Shipbuilding
  • Windmill blade manufacturing
  • General manufacturing and machining

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