CNC Calibration and certification services by trained API technicians


Timely and accurate machine calibrations are critical to manufacture a quality product. Without the proper tools, production costs can skyrocket due to scrap, re-work, and overtime. API offers sophisticated and easy-to-use instruments and services that can calibrate complex machine movement. API also offers on-site calibration services by a team of trained engineers with thousands of hours of experience.

API is a trusted source of technologies and services for machine tool operators in a range of industries.

Regardless of the approach, API strives to perform timely calibrations, which allow customers to get back to production in less time than with competing products or service. Much of calibration work involves complicated set-up and measurement-taking procedures

that are timely and costly. API technology streamlines these steps without sacrificing precision, getting machines back up and producing.

Calibration applications are commonly found in:

  • High tolerance CNC production
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding and propulsion manufacturing
  • Wind blade manufacturing

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