Canadian Light Source Inc. Uses API Laser Trackers to Keep Systems in Check

Canadian_RadianThe Canadian Light Source (CLS) is Canada’s national synchrotron light source research facility. As a particle accelerator, the CLS relies on sub-millimeter precision alignment of optical systems. The CLS uses an API Laser Tracker to control a network containing ~2000 monuments on floors, walls, and critical magnetic components for performing component alignments. Since 2008, the CLS has used two API laser trackers (API Radian & API T3) to align optical and vacuum components required to operate the facility.

The use of laser trackers has benefited alignment tasks at the CLS in a variety of ways. They have used the trackers to determine the location of internal optics and then relate these optics to external features, allowing them to precisely position a component that is under vacuum pressure once the optics cannot be accessed. Many alignment problems have been solved with the use of the laser trackers, particularly to confirm the interrelated alignment of a group component. Using the laser tracker they have been able to carefully align a set of 10 or more components, enabling an experimental beamline to function with ease.