Reverse Engineering a Hot Rod – for a Rock Star


In one scanning job earlier this month, API demonstrated its versatility and ease-of-use in collecting data for custom automotive parts, while also enjoying a brush with rock n’ roll fame. API project engineer Robb Rudluff scanned a ’33 Ford three-window coupe that has been chopped and customized by the world-famous So-Cal Speed Shop for ZZ


ATS uses XD Laser in Contract Measurement Services

ATS_XD Laser_300x171

Spike Carter works alone. After 24 years as a service and applications engineer for a major European manufacturer, he left in 2004 to start his own contract measurement service. Setting out on his own, as Carter Advanced Technical Services Inc., his mission was to provide quality service in a timely manner. The XD Laser and


Laser Tracker Portability to Measure All Six Feet


Symétrie, one of the world’s leading builders of precision motion machines with six drivers (hexapods), relies on the API Radian laser tracker’s portability and versatile mounting to measure its machines, which are used to test ship hulls and satellites, among other precision-built structures. The Six Feet of Special Applications Hexapod: The word sounds alien, but


Seven-Axis Robot. One calibration with the Radian Laser Tracker


Laser Based Measurement Technology at Trumpf A nearly 400-pound seven axis robotic machine was not too complicated for the Radian. API was able to provide a full calibration of the machine, used to manufacture precisely punched sheet metal. Taking 3,000 points per second, the job was completed in one third less time than the typical


Advanced R&D in Robot Compensation with the Radian


Two of the most prestigious universities in the world: China’s Jiatong University and Yale were engaged in a partnership to develop leveld precision engraving machines and robots. For measurement and compensation of all the robots axes, they turned to the API Radian and Active Target. Finding the angle of each line in the robot’s movement


Alignment Measurements in 1/10th the Time


UNISIG, a manufacturer of deep hole drilling machines used to schedule 1 to 2 days for measurement and quality checks of the machinery it produces. With an API Radian laser tracker, it now accomplishes the same task in 1 to 2 hours. The Radian also travels with UNISIG technicians to customer sites for machine delivery


Toshulin’s Machinery More Stable than Ever Thanks to API’s Radian


Czech manufacturer Toshulin, A.S. builds machines that run fast and hot. Their API laser tracker has a built-in weather station that can compensate for temperature-induced expansion or contractions, thereby allowing them to calibrate machinery in as little as one-tenth the time than they had using traditional measuring devices. It was supposed to be a routine


A Complete Machine Tool Inspection in Less than a Quarter of the Time!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.17.02 PM

Qier Machine Tool Group One of China’s biggest CNC machine manufacturers, Qier Machine Tool Group Co., used an API XD Laser to measure a milling-boring machine tools with an operating range of more than 100 m³. The entire inspection tool 6 hours, an 83% improvement over Qier’s usual inspection time. Improving Working Efficiency with Laser