Daniela´s Metalworking Reduces Labor by 85% with the Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker

IMG_8989Daniela´s Metalworking was founded in 1999, by Divino Garcia.  Located in the city of Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo, it employs 63 craftsmen.  The facility focuses on medium and heavy machining, including boilers, propellers, shafts, decks, steel casting, and naval brass equipment markets. Daniela´s Metalworking provides parts and services for shipbuilding such as: stainless steel and brass naval propellers personalized for each vessel; propellers with interchangeable paddles for fleets, such as tugboats; propeller shafts; stainless steel bushing and sleeves; ; Kort Nozzle tubes for azimuth propulsion in maximum dimensions up to 6 meters in diameter and 6 tons.

IMG_9026Introduction to the Omnitrac 2 In 2014, Daniela´s Metalworking entered the naval sector. This triggered the necessity for the use of laser tracker technology, especially for three-dimensional controls of Kort Nozzle parts, which are used for the static control in the platforms oil and considered extremely important. A Kort nozzle, also known as a ducted propeller, is a propeller fitted with a non-rotating nozzle. It is used to improve the efficiency of the propeller and is especially those on heavily loaded propellers or propellers with limited diameter. The Kort Nozzle is responsible for increasing the mooring force, giving greater propulsion, reducing vibration, and protecting the propeller against damage. Being approximately 6 meters in diameter and 3 meters in an estimated 22 tons of compressed height the risk for propeller damage is great.  “We were looking for a supplier that would give us precision and commitment, we did a demo and got the results we expected, today we only work with API …”  Daniel Garcia, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Director At first, Daniela´s Metalworking took an average 40 hours to measure a part. Through a customer recommendation, Daniela´s metalworking contacted Automated Precision who executed the same measurement in just 6 hours, reducing customer costs. Due to high demand of parts, Daniela´s Metalworking purchased their own Omnitrac 2 (OT2) laser tracker. 

About Automated Precision Inc.  

For over 30 years, Automated Precision Inc. (API) has used advanced metrology to develop customized solutions for the world’s leading companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Voith Hydro, Duke Energy, Ford and many others. API offers a unique mix of innovative engineering capabilities, superior product quality and outstanding customer service to help improve your business and bottom line.  API’s award-winning products (Radian Laser Tracker, Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker, XD Laser, Swivel Check, Active Target, Spindle Analyzer, Ball Bar and SMRs) are manufactured in the United States and are used by many of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, machine tool, and energy companies.