iPad Meets the Laser Tracker and SpatialAnalyzer

One of the many issues we face today as a leader in the metrology service industry is the ability to provide a safe, quality product all while remaining cost efficient for our customer base. Over the past decade, a typical measurement survey would consist of an API laser tracking system, an engineer to conduct the measurement process from a localized station using software such as SpatialAnalyzer and a technician to maneuver the SMR in a strategic sequence. With today’s technological advances, this is becoming an obsolete process.

Recently, one of API application engineers was able to realign two rails over a distance of approximately 20 meters with a laser tracking system and an iPad utilizing New River Kinematics’ recent iPad application software SpatialAnalyzer Remote. This method allowed the application engineer to monitor the positioning of each rail from the localized laser tracking station and allowed for the site’s mechanics to adjust each rail while viewing the SpatialAnalyzer watch window from the iPad, eliminating the out dated method of shouting adjustments needed across the shop floor or awaiting the all but common noise to diminish.


The flexibility of the iPad and SpatialAnalyzer allows the job to be done quicker and efficiently; saving our customers time and money.  As a technology leader, API strives to find new and innovative ways to complete jobs in the most efficient ways to benefit both us and our customers.