Used Equipment for Sale

You’re ready to invest in a measurement solution that will make your life easier. We’re ready to make your projects more manageable and your days less frustrating. API has high-quality pre-owned inventory that is not only the right tool for your project but it’s the best price available on the best equipment on the market.


We’re looking out for you – that’s why all our pre-owned equipment comes with our rock solid one year warranty.


Our people are the best at what they do and when they inspect and certify one of our pre-owned machines you can bet that you’re going to get something as good as new.

Model Year of MFG. Options
OT2-50m 2015 or 2016
OT2-80m 2013, 2014, or 2015
Radian-20m 2013, 2014, or 2015, or 2017
Radian-50m 2012, 2014, or 2015
T3-40 2010, or 2011

Learn more about the API Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker – API leaps ahead in laser tracker innovation with the Omnitrac 2. The Omnitrac 2 laser tracker has no external controller, setting it apart from all other laser trackers on the market. It is smaller, lighter and easier to use than all other systems of its kind and in its price segment. This means a wireless, controller-less, effortless laser tracker experience.

Learn more about the API Radian Laser Tracker – The Radian, an API laser tracker, is the smallest IFM/ADM laser tracker on the market. The Radian laser tracker has the lowest cost of ownership with the largest working volume and the highest precision and accuracy. It features an on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head eliminating bending mirrors and thermally induced error

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**Please note that these units will come with a 12 month warranty and any accessory outside of main system components (gimbal/controller/WS/Cable/etc.) will need to be purchased separately. Subject to change without notice. Please contact API to confirm availability. T3’s come with a 6 month warranty**