Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

API’s premium portable measurement arms can be used with both contact probes and/or non-contact scanners to provide 3D inspection, quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering , tool certifications, dimensional analysis, virtual assembly, 3D modelling and more. API portable measurement arms can also be used together with its Radian or OT2 laser trackers to provide an expansive measurement volume for extremely large parts with dimensional control requirements. The innovative design utilizes top of the line materials to provide a lightweight and reliable portable coordinate measuring machine.



The API ARM can be utilized for a wide variety of projects, below are some the ways it can be used.

CAD Based Inspection

CAD based 3D inspections can be simplified with the API ARM. The lightweight and portability of the API ARM allows for efficient CAD comparisons when scanning machined parts.


Dimensional Analysis

It’s imperative that machined parts are built to high quality standards and accuracy. The API ARM is an essential tool to verify this accuracy when machined parts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Reverse Engineering

Creating CAD designs is easier with reverse engineering. By utilizing our laser tracker and API ARM, you can generate digital data from a wide-variety of complex surfaces and parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Since the API ARM can easily scan any 3D model or surface, this allows for Rapid Prototyping. Pairing the API ARM and laser scanning system with your prototyping machine is the best solution because of it’s ease and efficiency.

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