XD Laser

The award-winning XD™ Laser from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. The XD™ Laser’s fast, accurate measurement of machine positioning and axial capability makes complete machine assessment possible with up to 80% less downtime for your CNC Calibration. For example, a complete measurement of a 1 meter volume machine is accomplished in 3 to 4 hours instead of 3 days.

What Makes The XD™ Laser Different?

The XD™ Laser is a fully wireless system with Ethernet connectivity that is available in 1, 3, 5, and 6 Degree of Freedom configurations. The 6 dimensional XD™ Laser is the only laser measurement system that provides simultaneous measurement of all axis errors from a single setup. The system also features the ability to evaluate velocity, acceleration, parallelism, squareness, and flatness.

More Features for More Measurement

  • Wireless or Ethernet connectivity
  • Control box integrated into laser head for portability
  • Weather station compensates in real time
  • Measurement of all error parameters from a single setup per axis
  • Compact laser head with base plate
  • Single optic squareness set-up
  • Humidity sensor available
  • Quick alignment fixtures

For a more full Calibration experience, try combining the XD laser with the Swivelcheck, Spindle Analyzer, and Ballbar.

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