Nuclear Power Plants

API works inside of nuclear power plantsThe commercial nuclear power industry is one of API’s most prestigious industries. We understand the importance of safety and strive to make it our ultimate goal. When working inside your containment or outside your containment, quality and performance are always our top priority.

Our Application Engineers and Technicians are properly trained and have the right experience to provide deliverables to you and your teams. We have carefully worked to put together a team of people that can provide nuclear power plants with measurement services that are unmatched. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and top quality solutions to ensure your success.

Your Industry, Our Knowledge:

  • Background screening is administered to each API employee prior to employment approval to ensure customers receive credible people that can access nuclear power plants
  • Application Engineers and Technicians experienced with nuclear processes and procedures within the nuclear power industry
  • Providing precision measurement services for large component replacements inside nuclear power plants
    • Steam generators
    • Pressurizers
    • Moisture separator re-heaters
    • Heat exchangers
    • Feed water heaters
    • Sump strainer layout
  • Providing precision measurement services for manufacturers of primary and secondary side components
  • Providing precision measurements services for large bore valve and piping replacements for containment, turbine building and auxiliary buildings
    • Primary service water
    • Feed water heater
    • FAC piping
  • Providing laser scanning and 3D modeling services inside and outside of containment at nuclear power plants
    • Security upgrades
    • Piping design overlay to as-built laser scanned data to ensure proper design implementation
    • Remote viewing of containment areas that allow for better outage planning
    • Provide 2D drawings based upon as-built laser scan data
    • Verify design parameters for new piping systems to be installed
  • Providing measurement services support for turbine alignments
  • Providing measurement services support for polar crane and turbine building crane rotation and alignment
  • Providing design verification and alignment fit-up services and for main step up transformers

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