Training offered by API


Lessons Learned: Untrained Operators Break Trackers

API offers training for all products and certain service options.  Customers can purchase training when equipment is procured or anytime thereafter. Training can take place at an API facility or your place of business.  Customers will need to pass a competency test and will receive a certificate of completion.

Training Offering:

  • Radian or OT2 Laser Tracker with user software (Spatial Analyzer, Verisurf, Polyworks or Metrologic)
  • Machine Tool Health Products
  • Automation or scripting applications
  • Alignment processes

Typically, customers purchase one, three or five days of training.  API will provide a sample syllabus and work with the customer to modify the training as necessary to meet customized requirements.  For example, using an existing customer application or work method to customize training.


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