modular construction

Case Study: Modular Construction

API Modular Construction API brings in measurement experts from a variety of industries, but one of the most common is the modular shipbuilding industry. The experience from building warships utilizing modular construction can be found in Application Engineers at Headquarters, Service Engineers supporting the field, sales representatives, and even the Executive team. The knowledge gained

5 Benefits of using Laser Tracker for Quality Inspection

What is a laser tracker?  In today’s day and age, many industries – including the aerospace and automotive industries, have increasing standards in which their products must come within tolerance. Laser tracker’s have become the alternative 3D measurement solution to the traditional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in the measurement of large objects. The benefits made possible

Konecranes Machine Tool Service Purchases Advanced Laser Metrology Equipment from API

April 30, 2015 (Springfield, OH) – Konecranes Machine Tool Service has acquired new equipment to further advance its ability to serve the aeronautical and aviation industries. Konecranes Machine Tool Service recently invested approximately $300,000 in machine tool metrology equipment from Automated Precision Incorperated (API). The new API Radian laser tracker and four new 6-D laser

Radian Tracking Speed

The tracking speed of API’s premier Radian Laser Tracker is out of this world! Radian is the smallest, most accurate, most versatile, and most intelligent laser tracker on the market. Radian’s I-Vision technology and integrated camera make this tracking ability possible.

Lessons Learned: Untrained Operators Break Laser Trackers

An untrained laser tracker operator can cost your company a lot of time and money. That’s why API offers metrology equipment, machine tool alignment, and laser tracker training by a staff comprised of application engineers and calibrations technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced with the metrology industry and its equipment. We ensure your team is

API offeres Volumetric Error Compensation (VEC) for large machines

Volumetric Error Compensation – The Science

A new process for machine tool calibration Since the beginning of 2010, API has been offering a new, breakthrough technology for the volumetric compensation of machine tools, known as VEC. This transformational process has been developed together with BOEING and the machine tool manufacturer MAG. Increases in the volumetric accuracy of up to one order

API Laser Tracker Used for a Rolling Mill Calibration

Handan Iron & Steel Group Used API’s Laser Tracker to Calibrate Their Rolling Mill Handan Iron & Steel Group (Han Steel) was established in 1958 in Handan city, Hebei province, China.  With over 50 years of development, Han Steel has over 85.6 billion Yuan in total assets and 24,000 staffs.  Hans Steel is capable of producing up

The API Services Radian

Konecranes Machine Tool Service Purchases Advanced Laser Metrology Equipment from API The API Services Radian from API Services on Vimeo.