Aerospace supplier uses on-site measurements with accuracies up to 1/10th of a millimeter

3-Inspection_372x298AMAS had used laser measurement services for years prior to obtaining their own API tracker. They chose API for its portability at less than 20 pounds and its ability to work outdoors in a wide range of temperatures.

The aerospace sector has the most stringent quality standards in the world. This does not just apply to airplane manufactures, but also to suppliers. AMAS Engineering GmbH (Neu Kaliß, Germany) began as a specialized Airbus supplier in 2003 and is 9100 DIN EN: certified. AMAS, which is now manufactures custom for the aviation, automotive and rail industries, has produced and inspected parts using laser trackers since 1999.

AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH requires manufacturing inspection of components, which can be as large as 20 meters, to a tenth of a millimeter. In order to meet the quality requirements of their civilian and military customers across the globe, an API Laser Tracker was purchased in mid 2007.

At first sight, the accuracy requirements confronted by AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH appear insurmountable. In addition, new opportunities in the construction and plant manufacturing sectors mean even larger distances with tighter tolerances. For these reasons, AMAS has relied on laser tracker service since 1999. The deciding criteria for the acquisition of their own system took into consideration the accuracy, robustness, mobility and user-friendliness of the system, as well as compatibility to CATIA V5.

The staff at AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH had a substantial say in the selection of their system. Considering that the laser tracker would be used on a daily basis in heavy-duty manufacturing environments, the system had to be robust as well as accurate. The API Tracker3, was uniquely qualified to meet these needs. Offering the longest range and highest accuracy of its competitors, the Tracker3 is also designed for harsh environments and large temperature variations. The AMAS employees were particularly impressed that the system needed no cooling fans and was completely sealed against dust and dirt. Also, the API Tracker has a measurement volume of up to 120 meters, which reassures companies when measuring larger areas in construction and plant maintenance applications.

The mobility of the API measurement system is an additional advantage. The API Laser Tracker ranks among the most compact systems on the market. This is mainly due to an innovative design in which the laser interferometer, angle measurement system and ADM optics integrate into a single block on the head of the unit. At just 8,5 kg and with an overall height of 36 cm, the tracker is small and compact enough to be carried on an airplane as a standard suitcase. For AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH, this portability means that complex parts like an aircraft landing flap can be measured directly at the construction site. Since the API laser measurement system easily fits in the trunk of a car, allowing AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH to respond very quickly to its customers and to create on-the-spot metrology reports as needed.

All of these benefits aside, the decisive factor was the accuracy of the laser tracker. Sample measurements of an air transport rack manufactured by AMAS ENGINEERING GmbH proved to be more than convincing. Today, the API Laser Tracker is used for measuring AMAS ENGINEERING´s large 3D welding components and for adjusting plates.