A Complete Machine Tool Inspection in Less than a Quarter of the Time!

Qier Machine Tool Group

One of China’s biggest CNC machine manufacturers, Qier Machine Tool Group Co., used an API XD Laser to measure a milling-boring machine tools with an operating range of more than 100 m³. The entire inspection tool 6 hours, an 83% improvement over Qier’s usual inspection time.

Improving Working Efficiency with Laser Interferometers

Qier Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., was founded in 1950, one of 18 large industrial enterprises established as part of China’s first Five Year Plan for economic development. Since then, it has become one of the biggest computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing centers in China. Qier operates on tight deadlines and needs a more efficient process for final inspection of heavy-duty CNC machine before delivery to customers.

One of Qier’s most important and complex CNC machines is a TK69 series floor type milling-boring machine center (pictured). The TK69 series machine tools have four axes. Its column stroke (X axis) can reach 18 meters, the headstock Stroke (Y axis) can reach 5 meters, the boring spindle stroke (Z axis) can reach 1.8 meters, and the ram stroke (W axis) can reach 2 meters.

Qier managers need a solution that will help them conduct inspections quickly and accurately. To accomplish this, they have turned to the API XD laser interferometer. The XD’s six-degree measuring capability has been proven at Qier to improve inspection efficiency across the TK69’s entire range of movement.

“We have a very limited time to manufacture these machine tools and we need to deliver them at almost the same time,” a Qier official said. “So we don’t have enough time to do the inspection work before the delivery. “If we use a traditional laser interferometer to do this work, it will probably cost us at least 36 hours (5 working days) to test one of them, and that will definitely delay the delivery,” the official continued. “Now, we are seeking for a very efficient way to do this inspection to guarantee that we can deliver these machine tools on time.”

As part of the XD laser interferometer’s compact design, the interference mirror is located inside the laser head. This saves time in equipment preparation because the XD user only has to focus the laser beam directly onto the target and not worry about the position of interference mirror. The XD’s small size also does not require a tripod for set-up, saving even more time and also allowing users to take measurements in narrow spaces

In a recent test, the XD Laser interferometer turned in a perfect performance. The XD Laser can simultaneously measures six degrees of freedom, including one linear axis error, two straightness axes (x and y), and 3 angles (pitch,yaw and roll), greatly reducing the measurement time.

Six hours later, the inspection for one TK69 machine tool is completely finished. This is 30 hours earlier than the working time of a traditional laser interferometer. The XD improved the efficiency of Qier’s quality control by 83 percent!